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We Help Businesses to sell off all their products, services, businesses & properties in

24 hours

Spend just five minutes to read through this report to fully understand just one of the various solutions we offer through the TRADE EXCHANGE BUSINESS MODEL.

It could be worth at least $2.5 MILLION PER MONTH IN INCOME to your business very soon.

The Business Problem We Are Here

To Solve

Almost every business needs more sales, more customers, repeat customers, more distribution channels, more capital, more revenue, and more profit to grow and expand.

But most businesses are not making enough sales revenue and profit relative to their goals. Traditional advertising and marketing are now costly than ever while producing fewer sales and results than they used to for most businesses.

The Solution We Offer To The Above Problem Is The…

‘Trade Exchange 24 Hours Sales Guarantee’

Helping Businesses Achieve Their One Year Sales Goals In 24 Hours

Trade Exchange has a


Business model

It is designed to help businesses ACHIEVE ONE-YEAR SALES GOALS IN 24 HOURS without any marketing expenses.

Imagine a platform where any business can list all the products, properties, assets, and services they have–or the products they have the capacity to produce in one year, and then getting paid for everything 100% in advance in 24 hours before they are obligated to deliver the products already purchased and paid for.

It is like getting a purchase order (PO) for everything you have in your store or have the capacity to produce in one year–and getting fully paid in advance for it in 24 hours.

Therefore, businesses do not have to waste money, time, and effort in marketing their products and services anymore on any other media platform.

Businesses do not have to struggle to get clients or to generate revenue for their businesses anymore. We can help them ACHIEVE ONE YEAR SALES GOALS IN 24 HOURS.

This is what the TRADE EXCHANGE 24 HOURS SALES GUARANTEE is all about

How Trade Exchange Business


— Part I —

8-Step Process For Making $2.5 Million Per Month

In Your Own Trade Exchange Business

24 Hours Sales Guarantee Model


Invite business owners to REGISTER FREE via your own Trade Exchange B2B website, where they are GUARANTEED to sell off all their products in 24 hours.

Alternatively, we can help you recruit 20,000 to 60,000 members FREE on your Trade Exchange B2B website (for STARTUP and GLOBAL BUSINESS licensees). See below:

See an example of the type of message or ADVERT you can send to invite businesses to join your Trade exchange below:

To Business Owners Who Want To Sell Off Every Product They Have In 24 Hours — But Can’t Get Started.

We Would Like To Buy All Your Products & Pay You In Advance, In 24 Hours.

Do you have products and services for sale?

You can sell off all your products to our company and achieve your one-year sales goal in 24 hours because WE CAN, and WE WOULD like to buy everything from you within 24 hours. 100% Guaranteed.

Whether your product inventory is worth $100,000, $10 million, $10 billion, or more, It does not matter.

We have an established marketing platform and a global network of businesses through which we purchase and resell any kind of product, service, or business opportunity every 24 hours.



You do NOT have to deliver your product or service to us in advance before getting paid by us. We will pay you 100% in advance for all your products, even before delivering them to us.


You do not have to waste money, time, and effort on ineffective advertising or marketing of your products and services anymore.


You do not have to struggle to get clients or to generate revenue for your business anymore. It’s so simple!

We can help you achieve your one-year sales revenue goal in 24 hours by buying up all the products you have in stock or have the capacity to produce in one year and paying you in advance within 24 hours.


Limited time


This offer is valid for the next 24 hours only.

Invite business owners to REGISTER FREE via your own trade exchange B2B website, where they are GUARANTEED to sell off all their products in 24 hours.


Step 2

Your registered Trade Exchange members list their products for sale on your Trade Exchange B2B website.

Step 3

Your Trade Exchange buys all the products listed by members within 24 hours, using your own internally generated trade dollars.

Please Note:

Trade dollars are electronically generated, so it does not cost your Trade Exchange business anything to actually buy all the products listed by members using trade dollars.

Since there is no limit to the number of trade dollars you can generate via your Trade Exchange platform, there is really no limit to the number of products your trade exchange can purchase from all your members. You have unlimited purchasing power at will.

Step 4

Members get full trade dollars payment in advance for their products in their Trade Exchange account. But they also pay 5% of the value of what they sell, in cash, to your Trade Exchange, as transaction fees on sales.

(Members can use their trade dollars in their account to buy other needed products or services from other members or directly from Trade Exchange. They can also convert their trade dollars into cash at will.)

Step 5

Your Trade Exchange business will receive all the products and services purchased in electronic vouchers, scrip, or gift certificates.

These vouchers and the purchase agreements signed by members selling products and services become the legal proof of purchasing products and services from your members.

Step 6

Trade Exchange lists and resells the product vouchers to members of your Trade Exchange B2B website.

Step 7

Members buy these product vouchers directly from your Trade Exchange using trade dollars earned from their own initial sales.

But they are also required to pay 2.5% of the value of what they purchase, in cash, to your Trade Exchange, as transaction fees on purchases.

Step 8

Members who purchase the product vouchers would then receive the product vouchers purchased.

(They can use these product vouchers to take delivery of the amount or value of products stated on their vouchers, or they can also resell these vouchers to other members and non-members to earn more trade dollars and cash, respectively.)

The above 8-step process is all it takes to make $2.5 MILLION PER MONTH INCOME in a Trade Exchange business.

How Do We

Make Money

From The Above Outlined Operation?

In exchange for our services–buying all the products of our platform members and subsequently reselling them to other members–we receive 5% of every transaction in “cash” for every purchase we make and 2.5% for every sale we make.

For example, if a business has projected sales of $100 million and they have product inventory or the production capacity to fulfill that volume of sales order to our members, then we can pay them $100 million in trade dollars in advance within 24 hours.

In exchange for our trade dollars payment for their product listings, we would receive scrip or vouchers worth $100 million. We can reassign, transfer, or resell to anybody and get 5% of that amount in cash our transaction fee on purchases.

The next step is to resell the scrip and vouchers gotten to our established Trade Exchange network of businesses in which we can resell any product or service and get paid in twenty-four hours or less.

When we purchase products worth $100 million, we will receive 5% of the transaction value in cash for purchases made. When we resell the products purchased, we will get 2.5% of the value of our sales in cash, as our transaction fees on sales.

Second example. If a member of our Trade Exchange lists products worth $100,000, we will buy everything in the form of scrip or vouchers worth $100,000 and pay him $100,000 in trade dollars.

However, he has to pay us $5,000 in cash, which is 5% of the $100,000 the transaction’s value. When we resell the $100,000 worth of scrip or vouchers back to other members, they have to pay us $2,500, which is 2.5% of the transaction value.

You can see, from the listing of products worth $100,000 by ONE MEMBER, we would have made $7,500–literally from thin air. Imagine how much you could make from the transactions from 15,000 or more members in your trade exchange!

How Does Trade Exchange Business


— Part II —

A Trade Exchange business is a straightforward business to operate; as long as your business is set up correctly, you receive the right type of coaching and build your business on the right kind of philosophy.

Many Trade Exchange businesses have failed in the past because they were built on the wrong foundation, used the wrong philosophy, and were mismanaged.

However, you can rest assured that your Trade Exchange business, as a licensee of the Trade Exchange Organization, would be set up in a way that guarantees outstanding business success and sustainability.

Your Business Is Going To Be

Professionally Managed

On Your Behalf for the First Year Of Your Business

No previous knowledge, no previous experience, no technical skills, and no extra investment are required to start your Trade Exchange business through our business model because we offer complete support and management of your business operations and all the technical aspects of it for the first year.

That is why the most important feature of the business opportunity and model we are offering is that we will help you to manage every aspect of your business when you invest in starting your own Trade Exchange business.

Trade Exchange Organization would handle everything else from customer service, administration, facilitation of transactions, record-keeping for members’ transactions, providing account statements to members and you, and paying you every month, from the revenue generated from the transactions of members in your Trade Exchange business. We will practically take care of the business’s running from the beginning until the end of the first business year.

This is like investing in a million-dollar business and outsourcing the business’s management to the best experts in the world at zero cost to you. We do not charge you anything for the management service we provide.

To provide the management service we offer, we take a certain percentage of the revenue generated from your business as our compensation. We only make money when your business makes money. Hence, we have a vested interest in making your business as super successful as it could be because we have a stake in it.

I will give you a step-by-step outline or big picture overview of how your trade exchange business work, starting from when the Trade Exchange Organization sets it up, to help you appreciate the process of getting your business launched.

Step 1

Business Setup:

First, your business is set up with the following resources:

  • Your own marketing website

  • Trade exchange e-commerce marketplace website for your members to trade on

  • Members’ platform for members to access their bank accounts

  • An administrative platform for you to manage the activities of your exchange members

  • Business office

  • Registered company

  • Complete stationery pack

  • Online marketing tools

  • You will also get all the resources listed on our “what you get” page, etc.

Step 2

New Trade Exchange Business Owner Training:

As soon as your Trade Exchange business has been fully set up, we will give you adequate training to help you understand how your Trade Exchange business works and how to manage the business. The training you will receive will include:

  • Trade Exchange platform management

  • Credit line and loan issuance and management

  • Credit risk management measures

  • Monetary system management

  • Sales and marketing

  • Business administration

  • Accounting & financial management

  • Human resource management

  • Business process outsourcing, etc.

For Details Of The Training You Will Receive,

Click Here Now

Step 3

Human And Material Resource Setup:

The next step is to implement the system for the human and material resources setup. Staff and outsourcing service providers will be recruited for you. The type and number of staff recruited will depend on the business category you choose and the scale of operation you prefer to start with.

Step 4

Human And Material Resource Setup:

The next step is to help you implement the marketing plan in our system to attract your first 10-2000 clients depending on your trade exchange business category.

As soon as we begin to implement the marketing plan in our business system, business owners in your target market will begin to register as members of your Trade Exchange online.

You will have up to 2000 clients recruited for your Trade Exchange by our marketing executives team. That means you will have clients in your Trade Exchange to start your business from day one, launching your business. That automatically guarantees your business’s immediate cash flow, even before you start your own marketing for your Trade Exchange business.

Implementation of the marketing plan in our system will become your responsibility after helping you recruit your first set of clients as promised in our investment plans and options list.

The recruitment of new members in your Trade Exchange must be an ongoing process, so implementing the marketing plan to keep attracting new members must be an ongoing process.

Step 5

Members’ Registration, Account Setup, and Training

As soon as members get registered in your Trade Exchange online, their online business accounts will be set up automatically. They would be given membership training to help them understand how to use the system.

Your members’ registration process, training of members, and account setup are all AUTOMATED processes that will not require any manual work on your part.

Alternatively, you can also choose to adjust the settings on your platform to do things manually instead of having the system’s automation work on your behalf. We will show you how to adjust your platform settings to operate either on manual mode or automated mode.

Step 6

Members’ use of your Trade Exchange platform for business

As soon as your members have been registered, trained, and have their accounts fully set up, they can begin to use the platform for their businesses: to trade; to request and get loans; to do business deals; to solve their business problems, and to maximize the benefits of Trade Exchange membership.

For details of the benefits your members would gain when they join your exchange.

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